Total Makeover

take your business to a whole new level of success

Your current website – the one you created on your own or put together when you were just starting out in business…

…isn’t doing the job any longer. It just doesn’t represent the great work you do for your clients. It doesn’t get potential clients excited about your brand.

Signs you’ve outgrown your current site:

  • The branding isn’t as professional and polished as the services you provide.
  • Most new clients haven’t even seen your site. It just isn’t that visible online.
  • Launching new products or services makes you nervous about your branding.
  • Sales from your site? Um…nope.

Your website is an important tool for marketing your business – but it’s just one component of a complete digital strategy that includes great branding, a strong web presence, and a social media and marketing system that gets you real results. A strategy where each piece works together to attract your ideal clients and convert them into paying customers for your business.

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Get your business ready for Success.

Give your digital strategy a Total Makeover!

Working with Digital Made Simple

Supercharge your branding. Create a strong web presence by integrating your website and your social media marketing efforts. Put together the holistic strategy you need to attract your ideal clients and pursue your business goals effectively. See how successful you can really be!

  • Responsive and Timely

    We presented Digital Made Simple the challenge of taking the unfinished/incomplete website design from one of their competitors, overhaul it, make it relevant and have it up and running in 48hrs. We made the decision because we felt that their competitors would not complete the task on time and if they did it was not going to meet our needs. We made the right call - Digital Made Simple completed the website on time and it was exactly what we has asked for with functionality we can build on. Thank you DMS !

    Responsive and Timely
    Michael Sanchez
  • Realizing My Vision

    For anyone desiring to build or even revamp your personal website, I strongly recommend you give Digital Made Simple a call. I had to give her a special shout out in the online magazine she created for me. Thank you, Nikki, for all you have done to help me to bring my vision to fruition.

    Realizing My Vision
    Min. Deborah E. Holmes
  • Solutions Beyond My Expectations

    It has been for many years that I’ve desired to have a professional and informative website that my clients could use. Many attempts, but none have accomplished this and done so beyond my expectations. She did the graphics, helped me with the content and even took my professional photo for the website. Thank you so much, Nikki!

    Solutions Beyond My Expectations
    Renee D. Johnson
    Lighted Path Ministries

Together we’ll create your Digital Strategy. Here’s how:

Brand Strategy

I’ll create or revise your logo and branding as I create a brand strategy that fits you and your business. Your brand colors, typography, and logo utilization will be clearly aligned with your values and the professionalism you bring to your work, creating a strong brand presence your customers can identify and remember.

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Body Analysis

body anlaysis-samcart

I’ll explore all the various conversion channels you use to convert leads into paying customers. Together I’ll identify gaps in your current process and create practical action steps for closing those gaps so you can attract more of your ideal clients.

Website Design & Development

I’ll create a website that includes all the functionality you need to take your business to the next level. From eCommerce to email marketing to a membership site, anything is possible. Your site will be responsive (mobile ready) and optimized for search engines for maximum visibility online. You’ll also receive training and tools to help you measure progress toward your goals.

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Social Media Marketing Design

Together we’ll select the social media channels that best fit with your marketing needs and are populated by more of your ideal clients. You’ll understand how to reach your target audience and be recognized as a valued service provider in your market.

Launch Strategy

Ready to launch and share your new online presence with the world? I’ll create a launch plan that includes sales pages, advertising, and social proof so your rebranded business is kicked off with a bang. You’ll make a great first impression and know how to intentionally propel yourself into your market. Together I’ll select the social media channels that best fit your marketing needs and are populated by more of your ideal clients. You’ll understand how to reach your target audience and be recognized as a valued service provider in your market.

Total Makeover is a total marketing and launch strategy for your business. It’s just what you need to step into the bright lights of your next level of success.

I believe in you and your business…and I believe you deserve an online presence that reflects your passion and professionalism. That’s why I’m bringing major marketing firm expertise to you in a way that supports your efforts as an entrepreneur. You can be successful doing what you love…and I’m here to support you as you share your message with the world.

  • "Network Nikki"

    Nikki, thank you for all of your hard work. I look forward to more projects we are able to do together!!

    "Network Nikki"
    Kala Duncan

Time for YOU to boldly step out on the Red Carpet of success!

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